EEB – Essential Energy Balancing according to the universal mind and spiritual laws at the EEB Studio. This is the innate skill or Dharma of Heli M. Gabrielle (the Sourceress), the performer of the séances.

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Deepak Chopra:

“The universal mind choreographs everything that is happening in billions of galaxies with elegant precision and unfaltering intelligence. Its intelligence is ultimate and supreme, and it permeates every fiber of existence: from the smallest to the largest, from the atom to the cosmos. Everything that is alive is an expression of this intelligence. And this intelligence operates through the Seven Spiritual Laws.

“If you look at any cell in the human body, you will see through its functioning the expression of these laws. Every cell, whether it’s a stomach cell, or a hear cell, or a brain cell, has its birth in the Law of Pure Potentiality. DNA is a perfect example of pure potentiality; in fact, it is the material expression of pure potentiality. The same DNA existing in every cell expresses itself in different ways in order to fulfill the unique requirements of that particular cell. Each cell operates through the Law of Giving. A cell is alive and healthy when it is in a state of balance and equilibrium. This state of equilibrium is one of fulfillment and harmony, but it is maintained by a constant give and take. Each cell gives to and supports every other cell, and in turn is nourished by every other cell. The cell is always in a state of dynamic flow and the flow is never interrupted. In fact, the flow is the very essence of the life of the cell. And only y maintaining this flow of giving is the cell able to receive and thus continue its vibrant existence. The Law of Karma is exquisitely executed by every cell, because built into its intelligence is the most appropriate and precisely correct response to every situation as it occurs. The Law of Least Effort is also exquisitely executed by every cell in the body: it does its job with quiet efficiency in the state of restful alertness.

“Through the Law of Intention and Desire, every intention of every cell harnesses the infinite organizing power of nature’s intelligence. Even a simple intention such as metabolizing a molecule of sugar immediately sets off a symphony of events in the body where precise amounts of hormones have to be secreted at precise moments to convert this molecule of sugar into pure creative energy.

“Of course, every cell expresses the Law of Detachment. It is detached from the outcome of its intentions. It doesn’t stumble or falter because its behavior is a function of life-centered, present-moment awareness.

“Each cell also expresses the Law of Dharma. Each cell must discover its own source, the higher self; it must serve its fellow beings, and express its unique talents. Heart cells, stomach cells, and immune cells all have their source in the higher self, the field of pure potentiality. And because they are directly linked to this cosmic computer, they can express their unique talents with effortless ease and timeless awareness. Only by expressing their unique talents can they maintain both their own integrity and the integrity of the whole body. The internal dialogue of every cell in the human body is, How can I help? The heart cells want to help the immune cells, the immune cells want to help the stomach and lung cells, and the brain cells are listening to and helping every other cell. Every cell in the human body has only one function: to help every other cell.

“By looking at the behaviors of the cells of our own body, we can observe the most extraordinary and efficient expression of the Seven Spiritual Laws. This is the genius of nature’s intelligence. These are the thoughts of God; the rest are details.”

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

How may I help you?

Heli M. Gabrielle

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When you work, you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music. /---/ And what is it to work with love? It is to weave a cloth with threads drawn from your heart, even as if your beloved were to wear that cloth.

Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet